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Brexit: How is it affecting the economy?

The slow, steady march to leaving the European Union continues, with the official leaving date now set in stone as the 29th of March 2019. Even in the campaigns before the eventual vote to leave in 2016, there was much speculation on what the effects of Brexit would be, with doom and gloom predicted on one side and a bright rosy future on the other.

The currency markets reacted almost instantaneously to the announcement of the results, with the pound plunging 20% and then gradually dropping so that a dollar eventually became worth 84p – it had previously been worth around 63p. Since then, sterling has slowly recovered, although the dollar is still worth 73p. This still makes imports more expensive, and it reflects a lack of confidence in the overall UK market by currency holders. Essentially, the stronger the pound, the more it should be worth against other currencies.

These currency fluctuations reflect a myriad of uncertainties, with Brexit only being one of them. The number of people currently in part-time employment is around 26% of total employment, for example, whereas in 2007, it was just under 23%. Although it had been going down since a 25% peak in 2012, it has suddenly shot up again. This may reflect the uncertainty that businesses face, but it also likely reflects other factors such as an older workforce transitioning to part-time work rather than being told to retire and a change in working patterns.

What About House Prices?

House prices in the wake of Brexit took a surprising leap, with early expectations of a 1.2% rise through 2017 being substantially exceeded. In fact, it turns out that house prices would ignore what anyone had predicted and grow by just over 5%.

For 2018, the estate agent Yopa has aggregated a group of expert house price predictions, and has determined that most experts expect a house price rise of 1.3% this year. If true, this would reflect only modest growth.

Currently, house prices have increased 0.6% since December 2017, which would result in a 2.4% rise overall, assuming that they increase at a recently consistent rate. However, house prices have a notorious reputation for being seasonal, so you generally expect increasing house prices in the summer months and decreasing house prices in the winter months, borrowing a few notable exceptions.

However, the market has changed significantly since 2017. The increasing pressure on buy-to-let properties (thanks to section 24) may decrease their appeal, releasing a large number of houses onto the market. Section 24 essentially removes the ability of landlords to treat mortgage insurance as an expense. As a result, they may be taxed up to 50% on mortgage income, which could also result in basic rate taxpayers being moved into a higher bracket.

Interest can sometimes be as much as 95%, and buy-to-let mortgages traditionally have higher rates of interest than standard mortgages.

House price growth has also continued to outstrip wage growth, just as it has in the past 10 years. There's only so much that the market can bear, and with people being less able to afford housing, there has to be an upper limit. In London, it seems likely that house prices may eventually fall, although this was also predicted last year. A significant enough drop here could cancel out house price increases in less pricey areas, such as the North.

To most casual observers, Brexit hasn’t really had much of an impact on the economy, and looking at house price data for 2017, not much has changed there either. With that in mind, it’s likely that 2018 will carry on much in the same way that 2017 did, with decent house price growth and slow but steady GDP growth.

It’s 2019 that we really need all need to keep an eye on…


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